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Systematic Care Solutions  is a care-providing organisation based in Romford Essex London.

We provide backup staff/workers to support the smooth running of the organisation. We are able to meet the need of the organisation at all times. in this fast-moving world, the need and expectations of every individual change, and the need to meet them becomes a priority. We as health care providers/staff suppliers; stand by you to ensure your organizatio keeps running smoothly without any disruption.

Systematic Care Solutions is committed to fairness and equal treatment of all individuals regardless of gender, age, disabilities, race, ethnicity, skin colour, socio-economic group, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs. Our equality and diversity policies ensure every individual gets equal access to the services without any form of discrimination.

Staff profile

All our staffs are well trained by professionals. They have all been trained to the required standards. All our staffs are trained at a minimum of Level 3 Diploma in relevant qualifications and disciplines.

Our experienced and continually-growing team provide a personalised service and specialist knowledge to create long term, sustainable relationships with trusts and medical professionals across the UK.

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